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Make making food more fun!

Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools have easy grip, sensory friendly handles, braille on the measuring pieces and bright, engaging colors that attract a wide range of kids, allowing them to work together in the kitchen, gain cooking and social skills, make healthier choices and develop more independence. We’re proud to say that Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools make making food (even) more fun for everyone!

From Q.D. Foodie Kickstarter Campaign

Who says you can’t play with food?

Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools promote imaginativeness, creativity, inclusiveness, and the power of collaboration! Being a foodie, not required. 

The Collection

Banana Measuring Cups

These really cool measuring spoons are more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Kids and adults can get perfect measurements with ease. This set of five has imperial, metric, and braille unit notations and is made of sturdy nylon.

This seven tine balloon whisk is functional and awesome to show off! You’ll easily get volunteers to whip up something amazing! Grippable handle with a heat resistant  stainless steel whisk.

This salad serving fork is made of nylon with a grippable handle. When a scallion is around, more salad is around! Go ahead and eat it up!

With these four adorable textured nylon cups, you’ll want to measure food that doesn’t even need to be measured! Imperial, metric, and braille unit notations.

Whenever you can mix it up with a carrot spoon, you’ll get a smile! This carrot is made of nylon and has an easy grip handle.

There’s just something about corn that brightens a day! This salad spoon is great for serving garden vegetables, fruits, or imaginary salads, anytime! Nylon with grippable handle.

A grippable handle and a nylon spatula make this unique celery stalk the perfect combination to turn and flip food smoothly.

Making food more fun!

Q.D. Foodie

7 Piece Kitchen Tool Set